Celebrating the Success of Jake S. Oresick and Tricia A. Martino in the Allegheny County Bar Association Elections

June 1, 2023

Houston Harbaugh extends congratulations to two attorneys, Jake S. Oresick and Tricia A. Martino, on their remarkable achievement in the Allegheny County Bar Association elections. Both have been elected to prestigious positions within the Judiciary Committee, showcasing their expertise, dedication, and commitment to the legal profession. Their success is not only a testament to their individual talents but also a reflection of the high caliber of attorneys at Houston Harbaugh.

Jake S. Oresick: Judiciary Committee At-Large Representative:

Jake S. Oresick has been selected as the Judiciary Committee At-Large Representative. Jake has experience representing businesses, government entities, and individuals in a wide array of litigation matters, including cases involving breach of commercial contracts, restrictive covenants and trade secrets, products liability, construction defects, real estate transactions, landlord-tenant disputes, and unemployment compensation. Jake will play a crucial role in shaping policies and initiatives that impact the legal landscape of Allegheny County. With his deep understanding of legal matters and his strong advocacy skills, Jake will undoubtedly contribute valuable insights to the committee’s discussions and decision-making processes. His appointment is a well-deserved recognition of his expertise, professionalism, and leadership abilities.

Tricia A. Martino: Judiciary Committee Young Lawyer Representative:

We are equally proud to congratulate Tricia A. Martino on her election as the Judiciary Committee Young Lawyer Representative. Tricia practices in the firm’s litigation practice group with an emphasis on the substantive areas of Business Litigation, Employment and Trade Secret Law, Intellectual Property, and Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Law. Her experience includes matters involving breach of contract claims under the CISG, and insurance cases involving both personal and commercial policies. As the Judiciary Committee Young Lawyer Representative, Tricia will serve as a vital voice for the next generation of legal professionals. She will have the opportunity to shape the committee’s initiatives and advocate for the unique needs and concerns of young lawyers in Allegheny County. Tricia’s energy, innovative thinking, and fresh perspectives will undoubtedly contribute to the committee’s mission of ensuring a vibrant and inclusive legal community.

The success of Jake S. Oresick and Tricia A. Martino in the Allegheny County Bar Association elections is a testament to their exceptional legal skills, dedication, and professionalism. Houston Harbaugh is immensely proud of their achievements and celebrates their contributions to the legal profession.

Houston Harbaugh has no doubt that both Jake and Tricia will excel in their respective roles within the Judiciary Committee. Their commitment to justice, their passion for the law, and their unwavering dedication to their clients will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the legal community in Allegheny County.

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