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Real Estate Transactions


Real Estate Development Of Contaminated Property

Buying and Selling Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Property

Purchasing or selling contaminated properties can be a complex process and the attorneys at Houston Harbaugh, P.C., in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have experience in assessing the environmental risks and benefits of these transactions. When our clients consider redeveloping a property, we ensure that the appropriate risk management tools and governmental incentives are used for the best protection and benefit.

Both buyers and sellers of contaminated or potentially contaminated property must conduct appropriate environmental due diligence to determine the extent of or potential extent of contamination at a property.We consider issues such as who will remain responsible for the contaminated property, whether any environmental regulatory defenses may apply, and whether there are any governmental incentives that may be beneficial to invoke. We are experienced in drafting and reviewing purchase and sale documents to ensure that our clients’ interests are appropriately protected.

Permit Transfers

In addition, our lawyers are also experienced in assisting in transitions between owners or operators of permitted facilities or sites. We have assisted in transferring permits between current and new owners and can also reevaluate a company’s regulatory compliance during the transfer to ensure that the facility is operating with appropriate permits and authorizations. Our goal is for the transfer of ownership to be conducted as efficiently as possible.