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Houston Harbaugh drone lawyers offer commercial drone operators, contractors, design professionals, manufacturers, individuals, and municipal governments a full-service approach to drone-related regulatory, investigatory, and litigation issues. Houston Harbaugh attorneys are experienced in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) / drone matters arising from operational liabilities and regulatory compliance concerns.

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Further, our drone lawyers have extensive experience handling legal disputes in areas that may involve drone-related legal issues, such as cybersecurity and data breaches, regulatory advocacy, privacy claims, product liability, construction litigation, intellectual property litigation, OSHA regulations, and federal and state criminal investigations. Specifically, Houston Harbaugh attorneys have handled FAA investigations, represented commercial companies and municipal governments in drone-related regulatory compliance, and even tried Pennsylvania’s first felony jury trial relating to UAS technology.

Representative Matters

  • Advised municipal governments in using UAS technology to assist in providing public utilities and effectuating local ordinances more efficiently.
  • Represented an individual in an FAA regulatory investigation involving alleged Part 101 (now withdrawn by the FAA) and 107 violations resulting in a closing of the investigation without any penalty from the FAA.
  • Defended an Air Force veteran in Pennsylvania’s first felony drone-related jury trial. The Commonwealth charged the defendant with ecoterrorism and various other felonies and misdemeanors, nearly all of which resulted in acquittals after the meticulous presentation of the relevant drone data to the jury.
  • Defended numerous individuals in FAA investigations into various alleged CFR/TFR violations, including alleged CFR § 99.7 Special security instructions (SSI) violations.
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