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Employment Law Training


You may be amazed to find out what your supervisors, shareholders or others involved in running your organization think and do that could expose you to expensive liability. Many employers believe their managers and shareholders understand what constitutes unlawful discrimination or harassment in the workplace, would never engage in such inappropriate conduct, and would know exactly how to react if they witnessed such conduct or it was reported to them. Sadly, these same employers are often “shocked” to discover that, in fact, their managers are engaging in improper conduct or, at a minimum, are failing to properly identify and investigate discriminatory or harassing conduct they witness or that has been reported to them. As you are likely aware, your managers’ acts and failures to act can create liability for your organization.

The number one thing you should do to prevent this problem is train your managers, shareholders, and others involved in running your organization. A one to two hour seminar by our attorneys will remove misunderstandings, avoid missteps and provide a straight-forward basis for knowing how to handle the most common problems. Not providing such training at least every couple years is an invitation to problems – equivalent to not taking out insurance because you haven’t had any problems. This ounce of preventive training for your staff is worth many pounds of expensive litigation cures likely to be spent later – or many years of headaches and poor productivity with problem employees whose behavior you shouldn’t condone but don’t have the tools to address effectively.

At these training sessions, we encourage questions from your managers to clear up misunderstandings and help deal with problems they are having. These questions almost always show that staff is unaware of and have many dangerous misunderstandings regarding important employment law topics that we cover (such as employment discrimination and harassment, wage and hour issues, employee disabilities, union issues, proper e-mail and internet use, etc.). These misunderstandings, if left uncorrected, will likely cause significant liability and expense later. An informative education program, which we put on in clear non-lawyerly words and explanations, corrects these problems and provides the tools to manage your employees well.

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