Houston Harbaugh Featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article

September 11, 2023

Houston Harbaugh’s President, Alex Thomson, was recently featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, “’Invest in them’: Employers rethink training processes to help strengthen workforce.” Alex emphasized the firm’s commitment to its employees’ success. “We really have taken a hard look at what we are doing and whether or not it’s going to make our employees successful,” he stated. This introspective approach involves engaging employees through retention and recruitment committees staffed with individuals from all levels of the organization, breaking away from the traditional top-down approach.

Houston Harbaugh is proud to embrace change and reimagine its approach to training and development to support its employees. In an ever-changing work environment, the commitment to helping employees thrive is front and center and a win for everyone. It not only benefits the hardworking employees but also propels the entire organization forward by nurturing the skills and potential of its workforce.

To read the full Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, click here.

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