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Curative Title Litigation


Oil and gas development has been occurring in this region for over 150 years. With oil and gas as a recognized commercial resource, oil and gas rights often were bought and sold along a chain of title different from the surface of the land. Sometimes, these oil and gas rights became part of individuals’ estates when they passed away and were never distributed to heirs. Other times, ownership of oil and gas in a property is unclear. It is not unusual for oil and gas operators to contact individuals to inform them that they may own oil and gas rights, but that the state of title is unclear and that some kind of action must be taken. If you believe you may own oil and gas rights, the oil and gas attorneys at Houston Harbaugh can help. We are familiar with title issues that arise from our region’s long history with oil and gas development as well as the steps to address title issues, ranging from evaluating affidavits of heirship, to reopening probate proceedings , to quiet title litigation and everything in between.