Affordable Care Act: Communicate With Employees

Affordable Care Act: Communicate With Employees

Marketplace Notices and the Summaries of Benefits & Coverage already required for most plans are essential (and legally required) forms of employee communication, but for proactive employers, they will be just small components of a broader communication program.

Politically-driven media attention and advertising are sure to leave employees confused. Employers should help employees to focus on what the ACA means to them, covering such topics as (a) the state of the law (i.e., it is not going away any time soon!), (b) what an exchange is, and (c) how the employer intends to react to the law (e.g., any changes that might be anticipated in the health plan maintained by the employer).

Employers should view the ACA not just as a burden, but as an opportunity to educate employees about their benefits and hopefully gain a better appreciation of the value provided by the employer.

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